Thursday, September 29, 2011

The obligatory introduction post

Well, what do you know. Another Blogger just dying to talk about his very own video game reviews. What a novelty, huh?

Wait a minute! Don't click away from the blog just yet, I'm not your average amateur video game reviewing blogger like the common riff raff out there....I'm an average amateur video game reviewing blogger that contributed to a failed video game review site! So don't worry about the lack of credentials or the fact that you have no fucking clue who i am because i obviously know what i'm doing and i'm certainly not wasting anyone's time.

With that out of the way, i guess the reason i'm doing this is because i kinda like speaking my mind about video games and related stuff, without trying to come off as much of a douchebag or a tool of the industry. I mean, we've come to a point as a gamer that when we're undecided about getting this or that game, we're either limited to "official" gaming sites and their flawed video game reviews with numerical scores or your run-of-the-mill Vlog angry reviewer whose concept of fun is literally not having fun and screaming about it. Not that I'm doing something terribly original here but i pretty much just want to say if the game I'm currently (re)playing is worth it or not. So I'm not even talking about reviewing the latest, hottest game out there, it's not about trying to keep up with the current flavor of the week. It's just that I'm stashed with games, old and new, and i want to say my piece about the ones i liked or disliked the most, with some nerd rage, shitty jokes and poor comedy in-between.

Pretty simple reason, huh? That's what I'm sticking to, let's see how it goes. The first review should be up shortly, it should give you an idea how I'm planning to handle my reviews. Then again, you probably already alt-f4'ed from the blog so I'm probably just talking to myself at this point, begging me to give myself a chance.