Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bionic Commando

Will this blast from the past make as much of an impression today as it did 20 years ago? Read all the different ways I wrote “no, it didn’t” in this review

And here we are reviewing another Capcom game. I like Capcom, unlike the entire gaming community these days. Could like it better if they had their shit together and actually spent time to make sure that the games of popular franchises they make are a reliable product for the established fans. And Bionic Commando got shafted in that regard.

Unlike Devil May Cry, I don’t particularly like this game series that much but I reckon it deserves a little background information since it´s one of those cult classics that someone is always going to talk about.

The original Bionic Commando was one of the great games of the Nintendo era, mostly because the guys making the game were thinking outside the box. Simply put, Bionic Commando was a side scrolling 2D action platformer where you couldn´t jump.

And apparently that was awesome.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Devil May Cry 4

What do you get when you cross an effeminate lead character, cheesy rock music and giant monsters trying to kill the human race? A decent action game, apparently.

One game that’s making a pretty big stir in the video game community nowadays is the reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise, the infamous DmC. Now, while I’m not sure how good or bad the actual game will be since it’s pretty early to properly judge anything, I can safely say that the game doesn’t look as appealing or just plain good as the ludicrous, surreal stylish bonanza that the last 2 games were.

That said, while we wait for this sure to be financial train wreck to come out so we can finally give a proper opinion, why don’t I give my opinion about the last game of the series?