Friday, March 2, 2012

Max Payne 3 - The Good, The Bad and The Bald

Max, you're being made by a different development team!

And now for something completely different. On account of my latest guest review of Max Payne, I was reminded that the upcoming sequel and third game of the franchise is about to be released in may. Considering this is one of my favorite game series and that Remedy, the developer of the game sold the franchise rights to Rockstar, who are now in charge of game development, I'll post a list on what I think the game seems to be doing right and what it's doing wrong. I'll keep it short and simple.

The Good:

The bald, fat looks seems to be a disguise on Max's part. Aside from that, Max Payne actually looks like Max Payne now, obviously more beaten up and old.
James McCaffrey is back.
Jumping Timeline. 
No regeneration bullshit, keeping the painkillers health system.
Rockstar Euphoria engine.
James McCaffrey is back.
Crucial events trigger Bullet Time, keeping up with the cinematic tone of the franchise. 
James McCaffrey is back.
Mention and glorification of Noir, meaning that we'll at least get some elements of it.
Melee seems to be inserted in a way that it doesn't stop the run-and-gun combat dead like in previous iterations.

The Bad:

No real involvement from the game's previous writer, Sam Lake .
The writing is very much Rockstar flare, which is much more simple and lowbrow than the previous game's writing, which directly affects the way Max thinks or behaves, spurning some real out of character developments.
Limited weapon system, can only carry a limited number of weapons at any given time.
Fat Bald Max is still a factor, going to be his appearance in the farthest point of the narrative
James McCaffrey is now the model for Payne, changing him for a third fucking time when the actor of the second game was perfect already.
Implementing a cover system when the core gameplay is run-and-gun.
No graphic novels.
Brazil will still be the center place of the game and we'll still be shooting poorly dressed thugs in dirty favelas, which is a complete 180ยบ from the game's setting.


  1. Ahh i was really disappointed by 2 game, hope this one brings old flavor back. Will give it a try.

  2. I have this game on my computer,but never tried it. Is it worth it ?

  3. Never ever been a fan of Max Pain series, but i can see why people like it.

  4. I hope Rockstar did things right. I loved the first two on PS2

  5. I couldn't help but laugh at your comic. Rockstar games took out all the soul out of Max Payne. It pains me to see them tear a game like that to pieces - part 2 wasn't that bad (even though I wondered why Max Payne isn't charismatic or humorous at all anymore, and is suddenly two feet shorter).

    I not even going to view the rockstar titles as Max Payne. For me, there's only part one. Fat Bald Max Payne shooting up drug cartels in a jungle somewhere? No graphic novels? Seriously? Screw you, Rockstar. The only gaming industry I hate more than you is EA.

  6. Max Payne is always guarantees some fun, is not the game that everyone was to play but is still pretty good.

  7. Max Payne 1 its still the best part!!