Friday, March 23, 2012

A short look on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - The Pros and Cons of experimentation

Master, I detect a 98% probability that I am about to state the obvious.

So I finally managed the time to play and beat Skyward Sword. It was long overdue. Mostly everyone and their mother already said their piece about the game but since I'm still fresh from it, might as well say my overall thought about the game. I keep it short, not in the mood to do an actual review. (Been awhile since I've actually done one. Hurray for procrastination!)

To me, Skyward sword was interesting. Mainly because, for a long time, I've accepted the oncoming Zelda games for what they were and enjoyed them. Skyward Sword was the first game where it changed enough stuff where I had a bunch of things that made me think "Wow, they really did this better." and a bunch of things where I though "Wow, they really screwed this up beyond comprehension." So in that regard, I respect SS; it changed the Zelda formula enough that it was capable of doing something wrong. Essentially, I really liked the new combat and motion controls, the graphic style (as well as all the aesthetic elements such as music), the ability to customize your experience (with medallions, shields, and the adventure pouch in general) and the plot and characters were really enjoyable. Hated the forced linearity, the lack of a "real" overworld, the RPG elements (in the crafting items) and the tremendous stupid amount of artificial extension based on repetition.

Also, in terms of memorable set pieces, Skyward Sword is probably at the top of my list, especially by the ending (What's with Nintendo and making up for disappointing Zelda games with AMAZING final boss battles?) although in terms of the overall experience, I'd put it at the very bottom of that list.

So yeah, while I certainly enjoyed Skyward Sword and respect it for being even more experimental than Wind Waker, I never want to see this format in another Zelda again.


  1. interesting post :) I enjoyed it :)

  2. Don't worry about it bro, I've enjoyed reading this review, even though there are plenty of them out there anyway.

    The final boss battle gave me the chills by the way. Nintendo sure does know how to make 'em.

  3. nothing ever tops a link to the past