Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition PC version confirmed?

As many of you motivated fellows may know, a special edition of 7 year Devil May Cry 4 was announced in conjunction with DmC: Definite edition. While both games serve as remastered iterations of their preceding versions, DMC4: SE caused slightly more internet buzz (and by slightly, I mean most of it) due to the fact that most fans were under the impression that the classic series was dead due to its replacement by DmC and because of the poor sales of DmC itself, which were much smaller than Capcom originally anticipated. With the announcement of both of these games, both fanbases have reinvigorated to the point of elation. So far, details are scant since Vergil is the only thing we know is new about this version despite the fact that we still don't know in which capacity exactly. In terms of platforms, we know a little more as 2 versions were hinted at in the original teaser, which were the current gen consoles Xbox 1 and PS4 but it seems that the game is coming to the PC as well, seeing as it was rated by The game has been rated for the USK, the rating board in Germany.
More information will follow after the release of DmC since Capcom is trying to avoid both versions to cannibalize each other's advertisement. Smart on Capcom's part.

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